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Sky and Land

The artwork captured on medium format transparency film and scanned with a drum scanner, seeks to preserve the innate, grainy texture that mirrors the organic elements of sand, soil, and earth. The choice to use film over digital photography was deliberate, it allows for the retention of a soft, lively authenticity that eludes replication by digital counterparts. The distinctive grain texture comes to life in its fullest form on large prints, revealing a unique visual narrative. This Series, titled "Secret Sky Sacred Land," draws inspiration from a profound reverence for nature and our planet Earth. Shot in various locations across New Mexico, including ancient and sacred sites, the series predominantly features images captured during sunset at White Sands National Park in Alamogordo.
These evocative photographs aim to convey the mesmerizing interplay of colors—pinks and oranges reflected from the sky onto the pristine white dunes. The layers of clouds echo the undulating dunes, creating a visual symbiosis where the sky seemingly descends to meet the earth. Through this lens, "Secret Sky Sacred Land" seeks to capture the transcendent beauty of nature and the sacred landscapes that stir a deep connection with our environment.

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