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Migration Choreography in Photography 

Migration is a force of life evolution. It is Changing the environment and our identity. We've traveled to uninhabited land in the USA, the land of opportunity, and photographed the virgin earth, in the open wide desert. In this series, we collaborated with wonderful dancers from The Martha Graham Dance Company. It is a choreography, constructed from still images, a dynamic moment freeze in time. The landscape represents both the exterior and inner landscape. People who emigrate are seeking freedom prosperity and the right to live a better life. They move along with their possessions, culture, and memories. It is only a frame of identity they carry throughout their lives. No matter where we go what new exterior and form we take on, and what role we need to play, the true core identity is broader, an uncharted territory, it is free no matter how challenging life situation. Each work represents a different aspect of migration, the struggles, the story about life situations, our personal temporary identity, and the timeless identity.

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