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Half a Second 

In photography, half a second is the measurable amount of exposure. The double meaning of the word: “exposure” refers to time and intimacy. In this series, we wanted to explore what a passing moment truly looks like, and whether we could capture everything that accrues as the shutter speed is set for half a second. 

We collaborated with two dancers, they improvised dance movements and moved very slowly. The dynamic motion that took place in half a second created a visual sensation, lines, and curves of the imprinted memory of the past. The elusive beauty of emotions in motion that we wanted to capture the passing thoughts expressed in the eyes, the head, and body gestures, enhanced the intimacy and the tension between stillness and motion.

It allowed us to see something that we usually cannot see, how time works, how it changes us, curves and shapes our body and soul, reviling the sensitive and intimate emotions emerging as forms in motion.


All the minor changes gradually and quietly happen, it is almost impossible to observe.

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